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> We would like to replace the controller with a Mesa 7i48/6i24 combination.
> We plan to use one pulse encoder input to make the frequency to voltage
> conversion and generate the velocity feedback for the drive.

You could use two output channels per drive from any of the servo control
cards, one for velocity command, and one for velocity feedback.
But, when you think about it, both are updated from the same source at the
same time, and there is no extra information in the second channel.

What you might find works perfectly well is to short out one or other of
the command and feedback channels and to control the other conventionally.

The only way to gain any benefit from the internal velocity loop in the
drive is if the velocity feedback updates more rapidly than the LinuxCNC
command channel. And the only ay I see to do that is with an external
hardware board, as originally used.

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