Hi Sebastian

> My guess is you won't get smoother motion by bypassing the G-code
> interpreter and going directly to HAL, but you can try.

Well calling halcmd is allready much better than the MDI approach, and I 
guess using the Python interface and eliminating the system call would 
improve things further.

>  Like the
> `linuxcnc` python module JT linked you to, there's also a hal module:
> http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/hal/halmodule.html

I know that documentation page. But I don't get it....

How to access an existing signal?

> I think you'll get the smoothest results by getting rid of python 
> (which
> is not realtime) and writing a realtime component instead.

Certainly. But this thing has to be simple and quick and it's moving 

See you

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