A pin created by a python userspace component can be linked to a signal
with the "net" command, just like any other HAL pin.

The documentation shows that Python Userspace Components create pins:

.. but it does not explicitly state to "net" the pins to do useful
things.  Here is an example that shows that the output of a Python
component can be hooked to the input of a realtime component (abs):

halcmd: loadusr passthrough
halcmd: loadrt abs
halcmd: loadrt threads
halcmd: addf abs.0 thread1 
halcmd: start
halcmd: net v passthrough.out abs.0.in
halcmd: setp passthrough.in -3.14
halcmd: show pin
Component Pins:
Owner   Type  Dir         Value  Name
    12  float IN          -3.14  abs.0.in <== v
    12  bit   OUT          TRUE  abs.0.is-negative
    12  bit   OUT         FALSE  abs.0.is-positive
    12  float OUT          3.14  abs.0.out
    12  bit   OUT          TRUE  abs.0.sign
    12  s32   OUT           378  abs.0.time
     4  float IN          -3.14  passthrough.in
     4  float OUT         -3.14  passthrough.out ==> v
    16  s32   OUT           378  thread1.time


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