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>On 12 October 2016 at 17:00, Russell Brown <russ...@lls.lls.com> wrote:
>> Somethings very broken with 2.7.5+ on lucid :-(
>Can you clarify? Originally you said "Debian Wheezy" and now you are
>saying "Lucid"

Bah.  T'was lucid (I typed wheezy because I'm an idiot :-().

But I've bitten the bullet, installed jessie and linuxcnc 2.8 (the
attempted upgrade from lucid to precise didn't go well).

Not seen it move anything yet (I'm doing the install/setup from my desk
rather than in the workshop) but everything seems to be coming alive.

Not really a solution to the problem I was getting but most certainly a
'work around' :-)

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