Injection pressure will be trying to force the two sides of your mold apart.
That's why injection molds are made of tool steel, and injection machines have 
VERY sturdy construction to hold the mold closed.  I saw a machine that might 
be big enough to make your parts - the mold closing cylinder was about 2 feet 
(0.6m) in diameter, and the four steel tie-rods that held the machine together 
against the clamp force were about 100mm diameter.

Could you make it out of four strips with some kind of joining at the corners?

John Kasunich

On Sat, Oct 15, 2016, at 08:12 PM, Leonardo Marsaglia wrote:
> Hello to all.
> I'm sure here I'm going to find good answers so I decided to start from
> here.
> I'm planning to do some thermoforming production work but the sheet plastic
> I need to use is rectangular with a rectangular hole in the middle (I
> attached a picture so you can see). So to use regular PVC sheet would imply
> a lot of waste.
> I came up with the idea of injecting the PVC using a manual clamped mould
> and injecting it with a screw driven piston. The difficult part comes here,
> I need to inject almost 3 kg of PVC. The moulds are going to be pretty
> simple as you can see but I would like to know if there's any good source
> to determine the approximate power I would need to drive the screw that
> moves the piston.
> There's the possibility of using two pistons one on each side to make
> things easier. Off course I would need to reduce the motors with worm and
> gear and then connect the gear to the screw that drives the piston. But my
> main concern is if this approach is correct or if I should forget about it.
> I didn't even consider the hydraulic pump because the cost would be a lot.
> Also take into account that I'm not intending to make lots of these
> injections per hour, so injection times could be slower than the industry
> standard.
> I hope I've been clear about my doubts and I would be thankful if you can
> point me to any source of info about this, or help me to be more sure about
> the dimensions of what I need to do.
> Thanks as always!
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> *Leonardo Marsaglia*.
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