On 10/15/2016 08:53 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings all;
> I just spent about 3 hours playing around with the 20 or so belt
> calculators google gave me links to, but not on of them could give me
> any answers.
> One would think, for an XL belt that
> 1. width is a never mind since xl's are available in a plethora of
> widths, none of which should have any effect on the profile the belt
> assumes when snug enough to do the job.
> 2. Its a pair of pulleys for xl belting, and the pitch diameter can be
> instantly defined by the belt profile, xl in this case, and minorly the
> number of teeth might have a slight effect when dealing with very low
> tooth count pulleys.  The belt pitch is a nearly constant height above
> the teeth, and the teeth diameter is derived from the xl tooth length
> times the number of teeth.
> I am shooting for a shaft center to center between 4.875 and 5.0".
> Given that center to center on a pair of xl pulleys of 20 teeth and 40
> teeth, that really should be all that its needed to know to tell me I
> need a 112? tooth belt.  Then its up to me to see if I've room for the
> pull needed to use the next higher tooth count belt.  Or do I mount an
> idler to adjust it so a stock belt will work?
> I am probably going to go thru that same eye of the needle for the Z
> belt, but I've some mounting brackets yet to be whittled out to get a
> 2505x1450mm screw mounted straight.
> Does anyone have a belt calculator that actually works?
> Thanks everybody.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett

    This is my go-to belt calculator:

Desired center distance: 4.8750"
   79 grooves - 4.8582"
   80 grooves - 4.9591"
   81 grooves - 5.0599"

   Actual screenshot sent to you as PM.

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