Greetings all;

I just spent about 3 hours playing around with the 20 or so belt 
calculators google gave me links to, but not on of them could give me 
any answers.

One would think, for an XL belt that

1. width is a never mind since xl's are available in a plethora of 
widths, none of which should have any effect on the profile the belt 
assumes when snug enough to do the job.

2. Its a pair of pulleys for xl belting, and the pitch diameter can be 
instantly defined by the belt profile, xl in this case, and minorly the 
number of teeth might have a slight effect when dealing with very low 
tooth count pulleys.  The belt pitch is a nearly constant height above 
the teeth, and the teeth diameter is derived from the xl tooth length 
times the number of teeth.

I am shooting for a shaft center to center between 4.875 and 5.0".

Given that center to center on a pair of xl pulleys of 20 teeth and 40 
teeth, that really should be all that its needed to know to tell me I 
need a 112? tooth belt.  Then its up to me to see if I've room for the 
pull needed to use the next higher tooth count belt.  Or do I mount an 
idler to adjust it so a stock belt will work?

I am probably going to go thru that same eye of the needle for the Z 
belt, but I've some mounting brackets yet to be whittled out to get a 
2505x1450mm screw mounted straight.

Does anyone have a belt calculator that actually works?

Thanks everybody.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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