On 17 October 2016 at 12:59, Erik Friesen <e...@aercon.net> wrote:
>> The "bldc" component offers a few options. If there are no hall
>> signals then using the encoder index (if there is one) is probably
>> best.
> So what, blind feed the thing at the beginning?

Yes, the component can just feed a rotating field to the motor until
index is seen.
This does mean that the machine will move a bit during the motor-homing phase.

> Also, I don't seen anywhere how to go about using a home switch +
> encoder index to accurately home.

I haven't tried that in conjunction with index-based commutation, but
I don't think that they would interfere with each other.
(I think that I would normally choose to home the motor commutation at
machine-on rather than as part of the homing sequence.

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