Take LOTS of pictures as you go along, with a summary of accomplishments.

On 01/31/2017 05:37 PM, Kirk Wallace wrote:
> A lathe showed up on my doorstep (almost). A friend called up and said
> "I've got a lathe in my trailer and I want to know if I can bring it by
> today." I guess he knows me well enough to know that I could not refuse.
> I have had it a couple of days and I took some time to scrape the first
> layer of grime off of it and take some pictures.
> http://wallacecompany.com/machine_shop/Tida_Samson_TD-1336_lathe/
> One of the control panels indicates it is a Samson TD-1336 (13" x 36")
> and that it was made in Taiwan in 1982. It looks like a common Chinese
> lathe offered by Grizzly or Harbor Freight. It doesn't have a lot of
> wear, but has been abused. The back gears are stripped, the cross slide
> has been crashed into, the spindle and chuck have been hammered on
> extensively.
> It's too early to have a firm plan for this machine, but I'm thinking
> that I would like to convert it to:
> - 2hp 3 phase motor, VFD, belt drive, encoder (remove everything down to
> the spindle shaft)
> - Servo, ballscrew and encoder for Z (remove change gear and feed
> drives)
> - Servo, ballscrew and encoder for X (remove cross slide and apron)
> - replace missing tail stock
> - regrind spindle D1-4 surfaces
> - regrind chuck surfaces
> - maybe replace spindle bearings if they show hammering damage
> - of course add LinuxCNC controller

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