On Friday 02 February 2018 09:49:33 Todd Zuercher wrote:

> Envisioning a Cartesian machine with parallel axis with overlapping
> work areas.  Is there a way to prevent/predict crashes between these
> overlapping axis with some sort of dynamic soft limit system? For
> example X can travel from 0-100, and U can travel from 20-120, U can
> be located in any position in its travel so long as it is greater than
> X, and X can only go to a position less than U. Now for a further
> twist, what if it were two separate Linuxcnc controls with overlapping
> areas. With X on machine 1 (X1) and X on machine 2 (X2).  Running
> separate G-code simultaneously but still needing to predict or at
> least prevent interference.  (Not sure this will be possible)

Todd, I just now got rid of a mild headache I woke up with, but now its 
back. :( 

One might add limit switches to stop the crash I suppose, but that would 
be tricky to setup just because the switches are going to be a few 
milliseconds out of time, but each would have to be wired into its own 
instance of LinuxCNC. Resuming cleanly after the crash stop I'll have to 
leave to your ingenuity. I've not mastered that myself.

A single instance running both processes might be doable, but then how 
does one actually make them run asynch?  I assume that IS the target?

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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