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> I am planning to renew my belts after some 13 years fairly heavy use 
> (ballscrews now worn), so I too have been pondering this problem.
> The SDP/SI site at 
> http://www.sdp-si.com/products/details/timing-belt-detail.php#gt2

I have always used the metric "T" profile belts, also listed on the link above.

I don't know if they are technically suprior or inferior to other
systems, but they are readily available (from RS and other UK
supliers) and I have a pully hob so can make my own pulleys.

Here is a rather special one I made for a rotating ball-nut
arrangement. (that's the ball nut in the middle).
It was for the X axis of my mill, which is why the hob feed rate was
uneven and too fast.

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