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> Andy,
> That is what I'm making too.  A rotating ball nut.   I looked at all the
> ways there are to lift the head of a Siege X2 mini mill and I think the
> question comes down to the location of the screw.  I think I will use the
> space occupied by the factory installed column mounted rack.   The screw
> will be fixed to the head and lifted straight up by the rotating ball nut
> I'm using a 16mm dil x 2mm pitch screw.    All other designs place a
> twisting force on the Z-axis dovetail
> This belt will connect to a nut that looks like yours.    But I read the
> belt literature and far and away the GT2 profiles seems best.   They are
> now calling it GT3 and say it interchanges with GT2 parts  The belt teeth
> are little semi circles.

The GT series all have effectively the same profile, just progressively better 
life / fatigue resistance.
> My question was about pitch.  Should the belt pitch be 2mm, 3mm or 5mm.
Any pitch that provide at least 7 teeth on the motor sprocket is acceptable, 
from a torque transmission / belt life stand point. On the other hand, the 
larger the pitch the higher the peak torque you can transmit.  I should think 3 
mm is the right compromise.

> So I look up technical data for the belts and each pitch has a minimum size
> pulley and different maximum RPMs.   Using 3mm pitch allows the motor to
> spin up to 5,000 RPM.     I doubt I will run the stepper motor that fast
N. Christopher Perry

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