On Wednesday 07 March 2018 00:29:43 Erik Christiansen wrote:

> On 06.03.18 23:05, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > It appears that its well nigh impossible to get a firm enough grip
> > on a tap shank, and on the smooth, unkeyed TTS ER-32 holder, to
> > reliably lock a tap for rigid tapping.  I've considered buying
> > ER-32's with square sockets, but for >8mm taps, the TTS
> > adapter/holder will spin in the R8.
> The only thing I could suggest is the guts of some "tap-hats" I made -
> that's just a length of 1/2" round drilled/bored to take the tap
> shank, and cross-drilled & tapped for four 3mm grubscrews to tightly
> grip the square. That should go into a collet nicely. You could
> perhaps slit longitudinally for that application, but a good tap fit
> should make that unnecessary. Concentricity will be better if the
> outside is turned, remedying both stock out-of-roundness and chuck
> eccentricity, I figure.
> As I used them manually, I had a drilled hole in the back, to slip
> over the drill bit still in the mill/drill chuck, for plumbing during
> hand tapping of the hole just drilled. A slice of 1" round, drilled to
> fit over the 1/2", and slotted externally to take the screws of a 1"
> dieholder slipped over, was added for manual tapping. (I've yet to
> find an adequate tap holder, and the die holder doesn't get in the way
> of the plumbing hole in the top.)
> The DIY path ensures you don't clutter the place with too many of 'em.
> I've only made three so far. (Made mine in brass, as it's delightful
> to machine.)
> Erik

And the grub screws stayed tight? The die holder I'd have to make as all 
mine are handled for 2 handed use.. Ignore that grinding noise, its just 
me thinking. Send me a PM with a couple pix if you can.

Thanks Erik.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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