On 07.03.18 00:58, Gene Heskett wrote:
> And the grub screws stayed tight?

Yup, but that was only hand tapping. A bit of Loctite would be good
insurance when rigid tapping.

> The die holder I'd have to make as all mine are handled for 2 handed
> use.

The die holder was only needed because I made do with manual tapping,
just using the drill bit in the back for aligning the tap vertically,
and winding by hand.

With the 1/2" round held in a collet, there's no need for a die holder.
On encountering your difficulties, though, I think I'd make one up in
the diameter of the largest ER40 collet I have, to maximise grip
diameter and area, then make sure there's no oil on collet or tap holder
before they go in.

> Ignore that grinding noise, its just me thinking. Send me a PM with a
> couple pix if you can.

Went around the workshop with my glasses on, but the little critters
didn't come when called - hold on, there's a couple of pics from when I
made 'em. Will send.


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