Greetings all;

It appears that its well nigh impossible to get a firm enough grip on a 
tap shank, and on the smooth, unkeyed TTS ER-32 holder, to reliably lock 
a tap for rigid tapping.  I've considered buying ER-32's with square 
sockets, but for >8mm taps, the TTS adapter/holder will spin in the R8.

So the only way is to buy R8's with square bores, which, given the length 
of the square on the end of the tap, seems to be a better way, for some 
definition of "better".

In my search for such beasts, I find several Chinese makers, 
unfortunately with minimum orders of 10 each usually attached. There are 
none to be found on ebay, and apparently the only US seller must be gold 
plating them as they're running from $15 each on up.

If I was to buy 10 of each metric size, 3mm to 14mm and some come in .5mm 
sizes, I'd have several thou $ tied up. Making boxes to hold one of each 
size could be done, making a kit of around 20 pieces. At say $175 a kit, 
how many could I resell to those of you in the US in an effort to at 
least break even & leave me with a kit?

For those of you lucky enough to have some of these, are they truly an 
answer for this problem?, or something that works only if your chew of 
Kentucky Twist is just so. I am not personally impressed with something 
that grips only the square of a taps butt end, but it would for me, be 
better than at present.


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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