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> So the only way is to buy R8's with square bores,

I don't think that is the only way at all.

You could make solid ER32 "collets" with grub screws in the end.
(getting the extractor flange right would be a challenge).
Bored true they would hold the tap true, with drive from the grub
screws on the square.
Needs one per tap size, but it's an easy CNC turning job.

I recently (and accidentally) bought a pair of floating tap holders.
There is no reason that those would not work for rigid tapping, and
they add a bit of relaxation to the process in the event of a problem.
Those take a DA collet and have a pair of grub-screws to grip the flat.

ER collets specifically for tapping exist (with a square in the back)

You could add a pair of drive grub-screws to a standard round R8
collet. You might need to soften it off to allow tapping, though.
At which point you might as well make your own, again it's a simple
turning job. You wouldn't need to heat treat for your volume of work.
It would not need to be a split collet. Bored for the tap diameter and
relying on screws for grip and retention it ought to be fine.

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