7i49, budget don't allow for it for a few weeks . I am busy in the shop
with big jobs , yes I have contemplated the 7i49 . Can the communication
signal be derived from the 7i49 ? If so then it's likely that will be my

Correct me if I'm wrong been hashing docs in my spare time.
1 open terminal , start hal session
2 load bldc n qhi ??
Assign pins u,v to the pwm and direction pins
Write and wait till it works then save, copy and paste to hal file ?

I seen an 8i20 confirmation on the forum , could I start with that ,
globally replace 8i20 with 7i90 ? I would like to get this close this
weekend and contact kollmorgen to get the proper communication scheme and
what phase angle is needed for this motor .
Thank you
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