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> On 3/8/19 11:55 PM, Chris Albertson wrote:
> > The easy way to program a "Blue Pill" is with the Arduino IDE.
> ...
> > The way you program this is to just connect them to the USB port like an
> > Arduino.   But the key is
> > you need to first load a boot loader into the chip.
> ...
> Which boot loader? I got my ST-Link dongle to load a couple of 
> bootloader files but neither seemed to work. (generic_boot20_pc13.bin, 
> maple_mini_boot20.bin)

You edited link file?

Boot loader should be put in block there execution start and application 
somewhere else in the memory. There is usually also a need to mover interrupt 
vectors to from Flash to RAM so that these are part of the application.

Boot loader use to screw up debugger which is really annoying.

Nicklas Karlsson

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