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> > Oh...MY....God!!
> It is laser-cutting skull repair parts offline, not cutting the holes
> in the skull. That would be more scary.

Would it? If it was me on the table, and the hole needing patch was in my 
skull, I think I'd rather have the piece being inserted pre-made during 
the surgical prep phase, then used as a measure/guide, and let 
lCNC cut a clean hole thats a perfect fit. Healing to useable strength 
would be many times faster if all the bone growth needed was that quite 
precisely fitted line.  There is also the possibility of fitting 
dovetailed keys to help retain it while it is healing.  Sucking up the 
debris from the machining would be a bigger problem than the machining 

In fact, let that be somebody's "next big thing".  And far less dangerous 
than the early bovee knives were.

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