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> https://ciis.lcsr.jhu.edu/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=courses:446:2016:446-20
>16-18:project_18_main_page but where does the LinuxCNC Rocket Science
> class meet?

Taint rocket science. This would be wrapping 3d trace data up, probably 
with some transposing between a 5 or 6 axis autoscan, and in this case a 
kins translation because the actual part could be done in a 3 axis + 
rotary table.

But the translation will have to be canned code, and taking the raw data 
to drive it may take more than the 80 minutes depending of coarse on how 
accurate it needs to be. .010 is probably not possible, but 1/16", which 
since they are growing bone to fill the gaps anyway, does seem to be 
doable once the translation code is written.

There may be problems associated with the OR sterility requirements. I 
used to know a neuro-surgeon whose OR costs were 2x most others, he 
operated in special order western boots, but the autoclave was hell on 
the boots. His home was on Rapid Creek, and he was home the night of 
June 9th, 1972. The only thing left was the slab the house sat on. His 
body was never found. One of 272 that didn't make it thru that night. 
Roy Crowder was a good man. He had the task of telling me my wife was 
dieing 3 years earlier, and did it by putting the xrays on the light box 
to show me just how serious it was. I looked at the pix for perhaps 15 
seconds and allowed as how I'd better call the kin. His answer was yes, 
I don't have the tools to do anything about it, with tears rolling down 
his cheeks. He never sent me a bill, and neither did St Josephs.

> pretty cool kins too
> tomp
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