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> How do the physical pins of TB5 & TB6 relate to the pin numbers in .hal??

> # --- COOLANT-FLOOD ---
> setp hm2_7i76e.0.gpio.049.is_output true
> net coolant-flood hm2_7i76e.0.gpio.049.out

Note that I don't have, and have never even seen, a 7i76E.

But: I think it is like a normal 7i76 in most respects. In that case
the hm2_7i76E.0.gpio....  pins are the physical pins on the FPGA and
those do not
directly drive the IO on the terminal blocks.

The GPIO in the terminal blocks is serially-addressed and appears as a
7i76 smart-serial device attached to the 7i76E ( :-)

So the terminal blocks are pins like:


where the numbers 00 to 15 refer to screw terminal numbers directly.

Don't set "is output" directly on any FPGA pins, that might interfere
with specific FPGA pin functions such as encoders or smart-serial.

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