I'm just finishing up a rotary built with a 750w servo and Spinea TS 200 and I plan to run a trunion style setup, so when that is level wrt to the Y axis, that's "home" imo.

I've be pondering this a bit as well. I'm thinking a Fadal style homing system might be best (I have no real fadal experience, but I saw one on the internet...). If the plate was manually jogged to within a degree or so of level, lining up marks on the platen/body perhaps then a homing sequence could be started to find the next index mark. It seems to me that if you did the work to set the home offset fairly accurately once in the ini file, this sort of homing should be quite repeatable.

I'm not really sure how to figure out homing without a home switch though. I guess the home switch could just be virtual in a pyvcp panel or something and could be pressed when the alignment marks are close. But I'm open to other suggestions.

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Since I've never put a home switch on a rotary,

Neither have I. It isn't often necessary. If I had something  without
rotational symmetry I would probably use a spirit level on the part...

When I have considered doing it I have thought in terms of a
semi-circular track and an opto-sensor. (so it never takes more than
180 degrees to home)

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