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> > Greetings Peter;
> >
> > The new vfd materialized here today, and I see it actually has what
> > it calls an RS485 interface, a teeny little white 3 pin socket on
> > its motherboard.
> >
> > And I have one or two 422 to 485 translators, the $2 variety, that I
> > believe are duplex capable as I had to wire them to a solid logic
> > level on the 5i25 end of them before they would take the balanced
> > signals from the encoder I put on the spindle motor of my G0704, and
> > make nice 5 volt rail to rail square waves to feed the 5i25.
> >
> > If I jury rig the separate 422 lines end of that to the 422
> > terminals on that 7i76D, can I talk to a huan yueng lookalike?  That
> > is what I supposedly bought but the instruction booklet makes no
> > brand claims.
> >
> > It is a YL-620-A, and it also has the usual analog interface too.
> > It claims no ascii, but supports the modbus RTU protocol, and
> > mentions modbus several times..  Am I better off useing the analog,
> > or is the RS-485 the better control?
> Unfortunately you cannot do this currently since MODBUS is not
> supported by the Hostmot2 UART driver.
That settles that then, thank you Peter.
> Analog control may be better for things like rigid tapping since the
> normal MODBUS driver is a userland task (and I'm not sure how real
> time the MODBUS implementation in the VFD is.

Rigid tapping takes 2 things, an encoder, and 40x the torque.

> > I also see an AO output, but its reads like 0-5 volts, which doesn't
> > sound like it would work to indicate the achieved speed via one of
> > the A/D's on the 7i76D when the 7i76 goes to about 38 volts full
> > scale.
> If you have a spindle encoder, that a better way to get speed feedback

That would take something there's no room for. ER20 collet. What little 
room may get used by a hack-a-day pattern of tool changer because it 
will need a solenoid driven wrench to lock the spindle.

> > This is the first vfd I've had that actually has braking R
> > terminals, and says optional, but if used s/b 100 ohms, 100 watt. 
> > What advantage would hooking one of those up amount to?
> Faster slow-down and faster reversals if tapping.

which I won't be doing.

> > Thanks for any advice Peter.

Thank you Peter.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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