I tested on desktop Safari 10.0.1 (exact version string: Version 10.0.1 
(12602. on OSX 10.12.1 Beta and everything works, may be the 
webpage uses a HTML5 feature that's been missing in older Safaris?

I have not tested on iOS Safari or Windows Safari.

Javascript console looks clean, just a few messages and also messages which 
Safari thinks are warnings:

[Warning] Comment: GENRE=Power pop, alternative (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Warning] Comment: TITLE=Freshbeat with solo, bass and vocal (a.out.min.js, 
line 1)
[Warning] Comment: DATE=2016 (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Warning] Comment: ARTIST=Morphex (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Warning] Comment: COMMENTS=http://blogologue.com (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Log] Synchronizing.. (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Log] 0 (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Log] 2 (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Log] Worker said: 6005276 (player, line 421)
[Log] Uint8Array (player, line 422)
[Log] Done with page load (player, line 430)
[Warning] Synchronized seconds: 500 (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Warning] Done. (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Warning]  (a.out.min.js, line 1)
[Warning] Bitstream is 2 channel, 44100Hz (a.out.min.js, line 1)

Am Montag, 17. Oktober 2016 00:57:52 UTC+2 schrieb Morten W. Petersen:
> Hi there.
> I thought I'd tell you all that I've worked a bit with Emscripten lately, 
> and managed to port the
> Xiph.org OGG/Vorbis demuxer and decoder using Emscripten.
> The example is here:
> http://blogologue.com/player/
> It works in some browsers, but for example in Safari 5.1.7 (latest 
> available on Windows),
> I get an error:
> INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11: An attempt was made to use an object 
> that is not, or is no longer, usable.
> Does anyone know how to debug that?
> Regards,
> Morten

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