> On 24 Mar 2020, at 10:30, Hannes Tschofenig <hannes.tschofe...@arm.com> wrote:
> Hi Eliot, 
> I consider the enterprise and the university case as a roaming model. From an 
> EAP method point of view there is IMHO little difference between the roaming 
> and the non-roaming case: the EAP exchange always runs between the EAP peer 
> on the device and the EAP server. 
> The IoT case is different because it falls more in the category of  home WiFi 
> usage. This doesn’t really use EAP in my understanding.

For wifi?  The number of IoT devices using wifi is minuscule compared to what I 
believe we will see over time.  And so it is hard to judge.  The onboarding 
mechanisms need to mature a bit more.

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