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Ekaterina Gerasimova <> wrote:
> There was already one in the US when I was on the board, what's happened to 
> it?

As far as I know, Emily still has it. This has been discussed at
various points while I've been on the board and I'm not entirely sure
what the current status is. It's possible that we decided that the box
is too big to be practical, but I might be wrong about that.

>> By the way, what color banner are you planning on buying? Since the
>> Foundation color is green and the project color is blue, we have been
>> encouraging people to try to go for blue when getting banners and things for
>> booths. This isn't a formal policy of course and it'd be great to hear your
>> thoughts on this.
> Our table cloth is green because we wanted to use the Foundation
> colour. The roller banner is blue. One of the old banners is green and
> the other is blue. As we're next to the KDE stand, if we have only
> blue banners, we blend in too much and it looks weird. Also, we do
> represent the Foundation rather than just the project at FOSDEM. i.e.
> we talk about the Foundaiton and the work that it does, we've signed
> people up for FoG before, etc. I don't know how much this is the case
> at other events though.

I'd like to encourage people to use the colours in the draft brand
guidelines. There was a fair amount of work put into these, and it's
important that we use consistent branding wherever possible.

>> For print outs, we are trying to have more of a consistent brand. To help
>> with that we have these draft brand guidelines for designers:
>> and
> Can these please be moved to GNOME infrastructure? It's weird that our
> official branding guidelines are not hosted by us.

The fact that they're in Github is probably down to two factors:

 1. Github is where we keep source files and in-development work for design
 2. While I would like to encourage people to follow the guidelines,
they're still a bit rough in places and need to be finished. Once
that's happened we'll probably have a PDF on GNOME infrastructure

There are various historical reasons for 1, including technical
limitations of GNOME infrastructure. With the shift to Gitlab those
might be resolved, and we're experimenting with using it for future
design work.

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