On 2/13/2018 2:13 AM, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
> On 12.02.18 21:45, David wrote:
>> I can 'check the box' but it does not stay. I can change the wording of
>> the 'encrypted Subject wording' and it stays changed. The feature does
>> not change the entered Subject:.
>> Suggestions please?
> I think there's an error in the preferences dialog - the value from the
> GUI is not related to the preference used in Enigmail.
> You got a dialog asking you if you want to enable "Encrypted Subjects"
> or not. If you didn't click on "Encrypt Subjects" then the feature is
> off by default and you can turn it on for every message individually. To
> change the behavior, you can change the hidden preference
> "extensions.enigmail.protectedHeaders". Setting the value to 2 will
> enable the feature permanently.
> -Patrick

Understood. At the prompt 'no' means never and forever. 'Yes' means
always and forever. And the GUI 'check box' in the preferences appears
to do do nothing.

Related. Enigmail 2.0 beta 1 'removed' the Lock and Pencil Icons that
were present in Enigmail 1.9.9 (can be returned by "Customize") and
while doing that I found a Icon that toggles "Protect subject" per message.

In the GUI, where the 'checkbox' does nothing, if I edit the 'message'
to change the 'Encrypted subject' it breaks the feature and the Subject
is not 'protected'.


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