On 2/13/2018 10:43 AM, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:


> I already fixed the bug in the preferences dialog, such that it will in
> the future allow to change the default as explained above.
>> Related. Enigmail 2.0 beta 1 'removed' the Lock and Pencil Icons that
>> were present in Enigmail 1.9.9 (can be returned by "Customize") and
>> while doing that I found a Icon that toggles "Protect subject" per message>
>> In the GUI, where the 'checkbox' does nothing, if I edit the 'message'
>> to change the 'Encrypted subject' it breaks the feature and the Subject
>> is not 'protected'.
> I can't reproduce that. It works as expected for me.
> -Patrick

Hmm.. I wonder if the code change you made, and have that I don't have
yet, makes a difference?

My "extensions.enigmail.protectedHeaders" is set to "0" zero and the
'protect button' does work. It toggles on and off. If I change the
setting in "extensions.enigmail.protectedHeaders" from "0" (zero) to "2"
(two) changes made to the "protected subject" in the GUI are used as the
wording in the Subject: line.



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