On 14.04.18 19:07, Ed Kellett wrote:
> Hi,
> I keep seeing duplicated Re: on signed/encrypted messages. This seems to
> be because TB keeps a flag for whether to prefix subjects with "Re: ",
> stored independently of their subject. I think the proper solution would
> be to unset the flag, but that seems to be non-trivial--just setting the
> nsIMsgDBHdr's flags doesn't have any effect. So here's a patch that just
> removes one "Re: " from the new subject if TB is going to put it back.

Your patch may be fine for English, but not for any other language.
You'll need to replace the /^Re:/ according to the correct locale. For
example, in German it would be "AW:".

Now that you mention it, I can see it too. It only seems to happen in
the message list - the subject in the reading pane looks fine.

> Also, when I tried to send this signed, Enigmail refused and gave me a
> fairly nondescript error. I'm assuming the attachment is to blame. Is
> this a known issue?

No. I'd need more data (like a debug log file) to analyze what went wrong.


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