On 2018-04-15 21:20, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
> The main question is: where does the double Re: come from? If 
> possible, I'd prefer to eliminate the source of the error, rather 
> than trying to fix the consequences.

Absolutely. Since my last post, I've noticed at least one problem with
my patch that's a direct consequence of this approach: if I save a reply
as an encrypted draft, then decrypt and reopen it, it loses its last
Re:. I'm sure this is fixable, but it does speak to the hackiness of my

> I'll try to figure out what goes wrong ...

Here's what I know. Thunderbird removes the Re: here[1], setting a
HasRe flag on the message header instead. It seems that this never gets
saved anywhere. (Following the function call there, Thunderbird's
process for stripping Re: involves a preference, mailnews.localizedRe,
which I guess is where I'd look if I wanted my patch to handle local

Since Enigmail doesn't change the stored subject, only the subject on
the header object, when it sets the subject it gets its removed Re:
back. But, for reasons I don't fully understand, removing the HasRe flag
on that header object doesn't do anything. So the proper fix would
involve getting the HasRe copy of the Re: to go away. It's just a
question of how to do that, which at least to me is not obvious.


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