On 18-02-12 23:17, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> […]
> Billiob -> Could you look into your changes above? The commit logs are really
> slim on explaining what you are doing there. I don't want to go bashing around
> there without knowing a lot more of what is going on. If i did have to I'd
> revert most or all of the above patch series back to something that works (the
> most recent commit that doesn't break anything (FYI
> 93106d11487cfd8b4f23292c4ca08462f7ecadd1 is the most recent commit in your
> merge that works... the commit after that begins to break things like not
> display focus state with cursor). Anything after that is in break break land.

I'll look into that tonight.

Boris Faure
Pointer Arithmetician

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