On 02/12/2018 03:17 PM, Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
Ok... let's go back in time a few hours to "earlier today" with efl +

Take terminology back to 878def120e38916c7eb6cfce250d4aaf4701ca56
Take efl back 1 commit to dc70d5cb55a495cb2d50af9f97ec71c67c7a0ee0

Terminology window sizing works right (the window is the correct size at show
time thus it positions correctly with smart placement). shift+pgup works. also
i don't get a mystery "focus rectangle" from elementary around my terminal if i
hit any arrow keys (up/down/left/right).

now just take efl forward 1 commit to 56beb861e83cbc830c82db7473e0a88461e2e213
(focus related commit by bu5hm4n) and focus in terminology is broken. more
specifically focus the terminology window and any input in terminology doesn't
work until i click on the terminal. so I'd say this efl change breaks "Existing
applications" and their focus. Sucky but ... reality. :(

Uhm, what ? How can this be, as far as i remeber there is no focusable elementry widget in terminology (the normal view not talking about settings), what is called now is evas_obeject_focus_set on the window object, so the same as before... o.O (only to a later point). Where does terminology grab keyboard input from ? where does it get the events for focus from ?

Now If i take terminology forward to current head/master with about 40 or so
commits from billiob ... and I do this WITHOUT using marcel's patch above to
EFL and the following is the state:

1. Shift+PgUp no longer works to scroll up by keys
2. It seems that I get terminology windows off the right and bottom of my
screen O(this is a general indicator of probably that the window is shown/mapped
at 1x1 in size THEN expands up to the real size, so e is figuring out a
location for the window when it's 1x1 then it gets bigger thus appearing off
screen - I haven't checked, but I've seen this before enough to have a good
guess that it's this)
3. I now see a blue focus rectangle (bright blue or white-ish) from elementary
every time i hit an arrow key. I simply click to make it hide.

For terminology, some bisecting says (all based on before the efl commit above):

d7432a52d6a38bc5d8fbb47b58bfa3fd41cd0d3f broke shift+pgup
e5c580aa267dde164a6d7b1ef3c9e9a1d80dcf8c broke initial sizing
e5c580aa267dde164a6d7b1ef3c9e9a1d80dcf8c broke focus display too

note while bisection for the focus display some revisions (in the above batch
of 40 commits merged)don't focus at all ever.... but the above just points at
the commits in that timeline that broke things. if i revert
e5c580aa267dde164a6d7b1ef3c9e9a1d80dcf8c then no key input works at all. if i
revert d7432a52d6a38bc5d8fbb47b58bfa3fd41cd0d3f i'm in conflict land (a fairly
large amount of conflict).

So... first.

Marcel(bu5hm4m) -> Could you re-think your above commit? It would break
existing apps. It certainly affects terminology.


Billiob -> Could you look into your changes above? The commit logs are really
slim on explaining what you are doing there. I don't want to go bashing around
there without knowing a lot more of what is going on. If i did have to I'd
revert most or all of the above patch series back to something that works (the
most recent commit that doesn't break anything (FYI
93106d11487cfd8b4f23292c4ca08462f7ecadd1 is the most recent commit in your
merge that works... the commit after that begins to break things like not
display focus state with cursor). Anything after that is in break break land.

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