Not sure if my reply from earlier today made it to the list as I then got an email shortly after saying my address had been suspended from the list,
God SF is a POS, but i digress there with that little rant.

I am more then eager and willing to put together an enlightenment spin on fedora 27 with binary packages in a custom repository that anyone could connect to as needed. I would base it off master branch given that fedora is the more bleeding side of RHEL and centos are based off of it.

On 2018-03-07 15:52, William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:
On Wed, 7 Mar 2018 14:56:13 +0900
Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <> wrote:

last i checked bodhi wanted to fork e because they didn't want to
update themes for compositing+wayland support (and e18 and on got
more overhead as more objects were in the canvas - this should have
been fixed by objects in buffers in evas but hasn't been to date) and
voted to fork instead.

last i knew elive was on an ancient version of e.

Ideally at some point the communities find some way to re-unite and
combine efforts. That maybe more utopian than realistic.

when i am thinking a distro i am thinking something that is up to
date. probably 2 versions - last stable release one and a "bleeding
edge" one from git to show off new things.

Not all distros are that up to date. Example I cannot find a deb for
Debian or Ubuntu for newer libcheck/check. They still use 0.10.0...

I may have missed something but could not find one in ppa etc. For EFL
I already have to use ppa stuff on Ubuntu in Travis.

> If not using either of those, I could likely help with one based on
> Gentoo. Either livecd or stage 4 base system, etc.

a distro where people have to wait for everything to compile... i'm
not a fan of.

The other choice is to wait for others to package stuff in binary
format. Some distros are better than others. But who says it has to
remain that way? Ever checked out Sabayon? A binary distro built on

:( i think for gentoo having the gentoo emerge package
builds up to date and clean and tidy and well done is probably the
right thing. when i say "distro" i mean something that out of the box
just works. boots right into e. working desktop etc. etc. ... and if
they want to install more they don't have to wait for compiles. quick
package download+install and presto.

That is Sabayon philosophy as well, "out of the box".

> I have all sorts of E stuff in my overlay, updated eclass, sets,
> etc. I already have a custom profile based on E, and could make
> others.
> P.S.
> One reason I feel Gentoo and E/EFL are good for each other. Gentoo
> preffixes most everything with the letter e...


despite all of that. i don't think its a good experience for users if
they just want to try something out. :) i think gentoo is fine for
the kind of people who want precisely what it provides. that is not
imho the average user wanting an out-of-the-box experience. if those
were the users to address then a wiki page on how to compile and
configure an os for e is enough... that;'s not really what i think we
need though.

I think your thinking of Gentoo as it is now, rather than a foundation
to build what you want on top. Who says a E distro based on Gentoo
would required compiling? E could easily compile stuff and setup a
binhost etc. Lots of options if you think creatively.

Plus you will want to build stuff to offer options. Otherwise you
either ship with all the lights/bells and whistles turned on, or you
choose for people. There are various compile time options for both EFL
and E. Thus either need to provide different binaries for each combo or
choose for people, which may exclude others.

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