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> It seems many of ecore_exe functions are wrapping like kill. Which
> returns a status, but the ecore_exe functions do not. The ecore_exe
> functions are all voids. Seems like it might be of benefit of those
> returned a value vs being void.
> Having an issue here, which is likely an application/runtime issue in a
> variety of ways. None the less it shows the issue. Calling
> ecore_exe_terminate is not seeming to have any effect. Could be that it
> is failing, or kill is failing. But I have no idea.
> https://travis-ci.org/Obsidian-StudiosInc/entrance/jobs/363653120#L1348
> https://github.com/Obsidian-StudiosInc/entrance/blob/master/src/daemon/entrance.c#L40
> Not really sure how to check to see if something you terminated or
> killed via ecore_exe_terminate or ecore_exe_kill are actually
> terminated or killed. Same for the other signals.

terminate sends a term signal. process may trap this and not respond if it so
chooses. kill signals can't be trapps so kill will kill.

to know the result the ECORE_EXE_DEL event will happen - listen for it with the
exe that exited and why (exit code). if this event doesn't come in - the app
hasn't exited yet. if the process has exited already these will have no effect.
it could be the process is stuck in a kernel syscall (does happen) and the
kernel is refusing to end the process. kill() (the syscall) will not tell you
this. the only things it will tell you is if you don't have permission to kill
the process (another uid and you are not root for example), or the pid does not
exist. i assume you know the pid exists and it's there as you say it's not
going away... so either it's a different uid (setuid?), or it's ignoring term
signals but kill should work (unless permissions fail), and other than that ...
it may be kernel holding on in a syscall. i have seen this happen often enough
over the years and end up with an unkillable process because of it.

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