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> no need to write so much. a short concise response would be
> sufficient.

Irony.... typically when describing issues, people prefer more vs less
information. I don't see where being concise will help with this issue.

>  either sigchld is not happening to the parent (child
> process is not exiting or broken kernel)

You can see no entrance_client process in ps output. That process was
ended. But the defunct X and bash maybe a problem.

>  or something else is  stealing the sigchld from efl and the wait()
> within the process (outside of efl code).

Not sure, but seems like something is going wrong in EFL code. I could
try to kill things outside of using ecore functions for such. Just like
I could create the process and do all management with normal C stuff
like is in the ecore_exe functions.

Not suggesting application code is correct. I have been spending most
time cleaning up and fixing tremendous issues with the code...

Could show Coverity if it wasn't down all the freaking time lately...
It was some 15+ issues there fixed as well.

Stuff like this...

I really do not like to comment on others code, with aspects of my own
likely not being great. But the quality of this code base is shockingly
quite poor. Even from a development perspective, extremely messy and
incompletely in so many ways.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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