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> It seems many of ecore_exe functions are wrapping like kill. Which
> returns a status, but the ecore_exe functions do not. The ecore_exe
> functions are all voids. Seems like it might be of benefit of those
> returned a value vs being void.

There still maybe some cases where I feel a return value from ecore_exe
stuff passed on from underlying kill would be beneficial. Though it
seems mostly necessary when things go horribly wrong.

> Having an issue here, which is likely an application/runtime issue in
> a variety of ways. 

All issues were application. There were a series of things happening
out of order. Shutting things down that were still needed. Or caused
other problems when shutdown. My modifications may not be correct or
perfect. But did fix a number of issues related to stopping entrance,
restarting client after log out, not restarting client on SIGTERM, etc.
That all seems MUCH better now. Much better output under Travis. Most
importantly it all stops now under Travis, after a client restart :)

For those interested, in chronological order, lots of other commits in
between. These are the ones that fixed the issues.


Finally making some good progress and Entrance is becoming pretty
stable and usable. Still a lot of things to modify as is now. Some
things like display ":0" and VT are hard coded and not inherited from
config variables, likely need stand alone ones, etc. Still need to
remake a config UI, for those that dislike editing text config files...

Plus of course the whole Wayland aspect. Thinking I maybe able to run
entrance_client under Wayland for launching X or Wayland sessions.
Switch that entirely over to Wayland, no X if possible. Not sure if
entrance_client running under X matters for starting E under Wayland.
Or vice versa, running under Wayland launching X sessions.

Anyway slowly but surely making progress. Finally addressed some long
time issues like the shutdown/restart and also custom backgrounds.

Likely cut a new release. Thinking about switching to cmake from meson
for cpack to generate binary DEB and RPM for others to use. I do that
with most other things, like ecrire. Can be done with meson, but having
to do to much for meson in Travis already. Not a big meson fan, though
not against it, just seem to prefer cmake.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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