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> If you all decide on accepting PRs from Github. A Gentoo developer
> wrote a tool, Pull Request and Merge PRAM[1]. Its named Gentoo
> specific, but it is NOT Gentoo specific.
> It pulls a PR from Github, commits it to some other repo and closes
> the PR on Github. Thus you can accept PRs from github, with a 1 way
> read only mirror. I think it could be useful.
> https://github.com/monsieurp/Gentoo-App-Pram

Turns out even after talking to an author this is Gentoo specific, but
can be used with some configuration. Talking to authors about making it
more universal. Either way it still could be of use, just needs some
configuration to not point at Gentoo stuff.

Its designed for people who do not really like Github, but want to
merge contributions from people who do use Github.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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