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> Asunto: [e-users] System Tray
> Is there any way to use default enlightenment system tray? Or how can i use 
> stalonetray on enlightenment shelf?
I am just catching up with mailing lists, but this is an unanswered question I 
have raised in the past given that E dropped support for Xembed back in E20. 
AFAIK there is no way to get stalonetray on a shelf. I have it running for a 
couple of applications in the upper left corner of the screen where it does not 
bother anything.

However, that solution does not solve the problem for applications which have 
shifted to appindicator notifications, such as the update notifications in my 
current distro (Mageia). So to rephrase the question for the list regarding the 
use of the E system tray in X, let me try with a two-part question:

1) Does the E systray support appindicator notifications X?

2) a. If so, what packages apart from application-specific indicators are 
needed to implement it properly?

   b. If not, what is needed to have systray notifications?

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