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> > 
> > 1) Does the E systray support appindicator notifications X?
> > 
> Yes, but you might need to enable the systray module and add the gadget
> to your shelf.

Yes, that I have had.

> > 2) a. If so, what packages apart from application-specific indicators are 
> > needed to implement it properly?
> > 
> If your distro is set up correctly you shouldn't need anything it should
> just work, last time I checked some distro's weren't carrying all the
> patches required for at least Qt4 apps.
Thanks for the information on Qt, Simon. vlc has shown up in both mga6 and 
mga7. Qt apps are not the only ones affected, as I cannot get the Pidgin plugin 
working with the systray for some reason (will ask in the distro), along with a 
few other things. After looking around a bit just now it seems that things are 
still a mess, with some older apps having either no appindicator compatible 
solution or one designed for Ubuntu/Debian, e.g., there is a PPA for parcellite 
with no source code.

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