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>> Asunto: [e-users] System Tray
>> Is there any way to use default enlightenment system tray? Or how can i use 
>> stalonetray on enlightenment shelf?
> I am just catching up with mailing lists, but this is an unanswered question 
> I have raised in the past given that E dropped support for Xembed back in 
> E20. AFAIK there is no way to get stalonetray on a shelf. I have it running 
> for a couple of applications in the upper left corner of the screen where it 
> does not bother anything.
> However, that solution does not solve the problem for applications which have 
> shifted to appindicator notifications, such as the update notifications in my 
> current distro (Mageia). So to rephrase the question for the list regarding 
> the use of the E system tray in X, let me try with a two-part question:
> 1) Does the E systray support appindicator notifications X?

Yes, but you might need to enable the systray module and add the gadget
to your shelf.

> 2) a. If so, what packages apart from application-specific indicators are 
> needed to implement it properly?
If your distro is set up correctly you shouldn't need anything it should
just work, last time I checked some distro's weren't carrying all the
patches required for atleast Qt4 apps.


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