My friends...

For a long time now I lived with some bugs with ubuntu 16.04 + e22.3.0
(ppa) and a nvidia gtx1060, running the default ubuntu version of the
proprietary nvidia driver, (nvidia-384). I was not able to do right clicks
in some software (telegram-desktop) and had some 'ghosts' of closed or
minimized applications in the pager and the window switcher. Also I lost
focus on popup windows in some apps (gnome-screenshot). I could live with
that... I have seen worse in my ~15(!) years of enlightenment usage.

Now I had to switch to the latest nvidia-396, because of some steam games I
would like to play. Problems have become worse! Now I completely loose
focus from time to time for the whole desktop. Although I can drag windows
around and close them, I cannot open any enlightenment menu from the
desktop with my mouse, I cannot type anymore (or only certain keys work).
The only way to get focus back, is to switch to a console and back to X.

I have come to a point, where I really need your help. I cannot continue my
enlightenment experience like that. My hope is that some of you might be
aware of similar problems and are able to share their solution (nvidia GPU
configuration) or enlightenment rendering settings.

If you don't have a solution for me, I probably need to step back to e17 in
combination with bodhilinux or use a different window manager. Stepping
back to nvidia-384 is a temporary solution maybe, but I would not be able
to use my computer and GPU the way I want i to use, as I would not be able
to play the games I want, that need a rather recent nvidia-driver.

Please help me. The e17 desktop was and still is an enlightenment for me. I
cannot imagine living without it on a multi-screen setup.

sincerely yours...


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