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Input should have nothing to do with driver. it's unrelated to any video driver
(nvidia) code. This doesn't make sense... :/ It's something else.

So the first port of call is to look into if the latest efl + e from git master
still show the same issues, and then to hunt what they are. maybe latest efl
release (instead of efl git) plus e from git master. then we can narrow down
maybe if it's been fixed or if still there, what.

> My friends...
> For a long time now I lived with some bugs with ubuntu 16.04 + e22.3.0
> (ppa) and a nvidia gtx1060, running the default ubuntu version of the
> proprietary nvidia driver, (nvidia-384). I was not able to do right clicks
> in some software (telegram-desktop) and had some 'ghosts' of closed or
> minimized applications in the pager and the window switcher. Also I lost
> focus on popup windows in some apps (gnome-screenshot). I could live with
> that... I have seen worse in my ~15(!) years of enlightenment usage.
> Now I had to switch to the latest nvidia-396, because of some steam games I
> would like to play. Problems have become worse! Now I completely loose
> focus from time to time for the whole desktop. Although I can drag windows
> around and close them, I cannot open any enlightenment menu from the
> desktop with my mouse, I cannot type anymore (or only certain keys work).
> The only way to get focus back, is to switch to a console and back to X.
> I have come to a point, where I really need your help. I cannot continue my
> enlightenment experience like that. My hope is that some of you might be
> aware of similar problems and are able to share their solution (nvidia GPU
> configuration) or enlightenment rendering settings.
> If you don't have a solution for me, I probably need to step back to e17 in
> combination with bodhilinux or use a different window manager. Stepping
> back to nvidia-384 is a temporary solution maybe, but I would not be able
> to use my computer and GPU the way I want i to use, as I would not be able
> to play the games I want, that need a rather recent nvidia-driver.
> Please help me. The e17 desktop was and still is an enlightenment for me. I
> cannot imagine living without it on a multi-screen setup.
> sincerely yours...
> minimec
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