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> xdg-open calls enlightenment_open to open a file with its nominated
> handler. On my system, PDFs open with GIMP for some unfathomable reason,
> and all my browsers are incapable of calling Thunderbird to open mailto:
> links.
> How does enlightenment_open work? I must presumably be able to set each
> filetype to open with the correct application somehow. Is there a config
> file I can edit to force it to use the right applications?
> (And then preferably lock it down hard so that any applications I
> install in the future don't try to mess with the settings, which I
> suspect is why it's broken...)

it'll pick one of whatever app says it can open that mime tyope... whatever
comes first that it finds, UNLESS you happen to change that. and it's as simple
as opening that mime type via efm and using "open with" ... and selecting the
appropriate app, then it'll use whatever you last happened to use there as that
becomes your preferred opener of that type. you could beat your head against
the massive default applications dialog and manually select there mime type by
mime type... but just using efm is the simplest way...

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