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> On 04/11/2018 13:14, Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> [...]
> > it'll pick one of whatever app says it can open that mime type...
> > whatever comes first that it finds,
> That was my understanding also. But it doesn't:
>   * /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache says (simplified)
>     application/pdf=qpdfview.desktop;evince.desktop;gimp.desktop;
>     because *I* want them to open with qpdfview but evince disagreed
>     *and then* GIMP stuck its oar in and added itself

that is normal. all tjhese apps say they can load a pdf, so they are on the
list of candidates. one of the candidate list is chosen by e - whatever it
finds first in its in-memory data structures, UNLESS you have explicitly set
one via settings OR used efm to "open with" a specific one, then that is used.

>   * if I type the command xdg-open foobar.pdf it opens in evince
>   * if I double-click on foobar.pdf in efm it opens in qpdfview
>   * if the genealogical application Gramps generates a PDF report,
>     it opens GIMP to display it!

i tested this myself just before i wrote my last mail and xdg-open followed
what enlightenment_open does...

perhaps your system's xdg-open is old and doesn't support enlightenment? try
using enlightenment_open instead .... it should be consistent.

the xdg tools are heavily hard-coded for specific desktop support. xdg-open is
just a shell script, so have a read :) perhaps you need to upgrade OS/XDG tools?

> Obviously E is doing it right and the others are wrong :-)
> > UNLESS you happen to change that. and it's as simple as opening that 
> > mime type via efm and using "open with" ... and selecting the 
> > appropriate app, then it'll use whatever you last happened to use 
> > there as that becomes your preferred opener of that type.
> Part of the problem is that I hardly ever use GUI file managers, and if
> I do it's usually caja.

well then you get the settings dialog with the massive list of mime types to
have fun with. :)

> > you could beat your head against the massive default applications 
> > dialog and manually select there mime type by mime type... but just
> > using efm is the simplest way...
> Yes, but fortunately it was only to mime types and both the bogus
> associations were made by one application. I have added the relevant
> commands to my setup script for installing new systems now, so I
> shouldn't have any more trouble.

it is possible the app is not using xdg-open and doing its own thing
(enlightenment does its own thing ... well chicken-and-egg problem. xdg-open
these days relies on enlightenment to do the opening and  e will use
~/.config/mimeapps.list | ~/.local/share/applications/defaults.list files
(mimeapps first if found, otherwise fallback to defaults.list). e will write
all config these days into the mimeapps.list file. some time ago (i don't know
when) xdg decided to change from the defaults.list file to the mimeapps.list
scheme. e will auto-upgrade you to the new scheme if you don't have a
mimeapps.list file bu just copying defaults.list over to there. perhaps it's
something related to some apps using the sold scheme and some the new, maybe
xdg-open not supporting enlightenment ... perhaps a combination of the 2?

> Thanks for your help.
> ///Peter
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