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> On 13/01/2019 02:18, Daniel Kasak wrote:
> > Hi all.
> >
> > I just got a new laptop ( yay! )
> I'm in the market. What did you get? If you don't mind saying.
> > which has a touchscreen.
> I don't know if they work in Linux at all, let alone E. Aren't they all
> proprietary Windows-only drivers?

I got the Ryzen 7 Lenovo Flex:

It's the current top-of-the-line from AMD - 2nd-gen Ryzen, 16GB,
touchscreen, very thin. That above link is also the best price I could
find, and they deliver to Australia ( for similar specs, I would have had
to pay about $3,500 - I ended up paying $1,200 ).

I have the touchscreen "working", with an out-of-tree I2C kernel driver.
I'm not really sure how touchscreens work in Linux, so I'm not sure if I've
got it right yet. The multi-touch support seems to be working - pinch-zoom
and double-finger scroll is working in some apps. But Bitwig ( pro audio
app, and one of the main reasons I wanted a touchscreen ) doesn't behave as
though it's getting touch events - it behaves like it's getting regular
mouse events. If someone here knows more about this, I'd very much like
help with it - though it's obviously got nothing to do with E.

Anyway, I'm very happy with the laptop so far. It's built Gentoo in about 6
hours ( going from a stage-3 tarball to completing the first "emerge
@world" ). As well as this being very fast - it's also a good test of
stability and cooling - and it's been perfect on both so far.


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