Does anyone agree with me that such a "scorched earth" policy is

It ought to be pretty trivial to clone the entire directory tree of
add-ons as of the cutoff date, put it somewhere accessible, and then do
whatever is planned for add-ons in the future.

I'm not saying Mozilla should "support" and actually *update* XUL-only
add-ons, just that they shouldn't purge them entirely. (This is the way
it has long been done with old versions of Firefox itself.)

This is especially the case since recent official versions of Firefox
demand *signed* add-ons, and only Mozilla can sign them. Thus purging
the XUL add-ons signed by Mozilla could make a lot of versions of
Firefox unusable unless you happen already to have downloaded the
add-on in question.

In particular, suppose somebody wants to try to convert an XUL add-on
the the new environment. Unless he already *had* that XUL add-on, he
would not be able to compare the behavior of his ported version with the
original. He could, of course, use an non-release build of old Firefox,
but this is not a good way to ensure compatible behavior.

In other words, purging the set of XUL add-ons will make development of
replacement add-ons more difficult in the future.

Don't do it!

P.S. As I said, even Microsoft keeps stuff available related to previous
versions of Windows.

On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 15:17:49 -0600
Jorge Villalobos <> wrote:

> We're not going to maintain an add-ons archive for unsupported
> versions of Firefox, no. Some community members have shown interest
> in doing something like that and we have pointed them to our API docs
> which would enable them to do that. If anyone else wants to
> collaborate in such a project, the dev-addons list[1] is the place to
> go.
> Jorge
> [1]
> On 2/12/18 2:50 PM, Paul Kosinski wrote:
> > Is Mozilla actually going to leave all users of ESR 52 out in the
> > cold at the "end" of the ESR 52 cycle? I *hope* that the non-WE
> > extensions will still be available in an archive area, like older
> > versions of Firefox are at "".
> > 
> > (Even Microsoft hasn't totally ditched users of older versions of
> > Windows, just because they're trying to force users onto Windows
> > 10.)
> > 
> > 
> > On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 11:17:33 -0600
> > Jorge Villalobos <> wrote:
> > 
> >> I can confirm that's still our plan.
> >>
> >> Jorge Villalobos
> >> AMO Product Manager
> >>
> >> On 2/12/18 4:16 AM, Philipp Madersbacher wrote:
> >>> Hi, where have you heard that? According to
> >>>
> >>> AMO will host legacy addons as long as the 52esr cycle lasts...
> >>>
> >>> Philipp
> >>>
> >>> 2018-02-12 0:27 GMT+01:00 Jo Brown <
> >>> <>>:
> >>>
> >>>     Fx 52.x ESR is officially supported by Mozilla through August
> >>> 28.  I expected traditional extensions at AMO to be AVAILABLE
> >>> through that date.  Yet, I am hearing that Mozilla will purge all
> >>> non WE extensions as early as MAY!
> >>>
> >>>     Can anyone provide more information?  Thanks.
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