On 13. 03. 19 15:30, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
Over the last 5 days, Troy Dawson, Jeroen van Meeuwen, Carl W George,
and several helpers have gotten nearly all of the python34 packages
moves over to python36 in EPEL-7.  They are being included in 6 Bodhi
pushes because of a limitation in Bodhi for the text size of packages
in an include.

The current day for these package groups to move into EPEL regular is
April 2nd. We would like to have all tests we find in the next week or
so also added so that the updates can occur in a large group without
too much breakage.

A problem was pointed out in https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2019-f2d195dada#comment-914787

If you have 3rd party software using /usr/bin/python3 and you have python34 installed, updating your system will remove that symlink and your software breaks.

However we cannot obsolete python34 form python36, because that breaks software that actually wants and uses /usr/bin/python3.4 and possibly make python34 uninstallable (not sure).

So arguably, the update should update both python34 and install python36, keeping both Pythons available, the user/admin could than remove the one that is not needed.

AFAIK The only thing that would make this happen is to require python36 from python34. And that seems like a huge ugly workaround with unwanted side affects.

Any ideas?

Miro Hrončok
Phone: +420777974800
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