On 26. 03. 19 1:51, Miro Hrončok wrote:
On 25. 03. 19 18:56, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
Just make python36 obsolete the old version of python34 that had
/usr/bin/python3. This causes yum to install the new python34 and pull
in python36 for /usr/bin/python3.

If that works, we are good. Does it really behave like that with plain upgrade? E.g. without specifying what to upgrade?

I thought that obsoleting old py34 can do one of the following:

A) python34 gets queued for upgrading first, there is no more old python34 to be obsoleted by python36, python36 isn't installed.

B) python36 gets queued for obsoleting old python34 first, python34 gets queued for removing instead of updating, there is more pytho34 to be updated.

C) what you said.

If C) is the guaranteed behavior, I guess we are good to do this.

It does mean people with 3rd party software are now using python36
instead of 34, but if they only speficied /usr/bin/python3, it should
just run with any python3 version right?

As long as they are only using standard library, yes. Otherwise there might be problems. However that was anticipated.

A PR is at https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python36/pull-request/27

I'm still not sure about how it will behave. We should probably test it.

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