Removed the drive shaft, had new u-joints installed, and had it balanced.
No change.

I’m guessing it’s either the angle on the motor/transmission in relation to the 
rear end, or
I may have to pull the motor/flywheel/pressure plate/clutch assembly and have 
it balanced.
When I sit in neutral and rev to ~ 3000rpm, I’m getting some vibration, 
although it doesn’t seem to be as bad as when I drive.
Here again I feel it at ~ 50 mph and up, but it is really noticeable when I let 
off the accelerator at those speeds.

Elsberry, MO

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I'd try balancing your driveshaft.  It's relatively inexpensive once you get it 
out.  A local place in LA costs less than $70.

My '64 Spitfire definitely has a wobbly shaft, but I haven't made the time to 
pull it out and get it balanced yet.  I stick to surface streets in the 

On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 11:29 AM, Pestka, Dennis J via EV 
<<>> wrote:
Didn't know if anyone had any clues to a problem I'm having.

Since I have my new Lithium pack, I've getting my 65 Datsun out on the highway 
and up to ~ 60 mph. Never did much of that before.
When accelerating, I don't experience it, but when I let off the accelerator, 
I'm getting a pretty good vibration.
Step back on the accelerator, and it goes away.
Don't seem to notice it at 45mph and lower, but when going 55 - 60 mph.
I just put new tires on it, and have had the front end aligned.

Any suggestions ?

Elsberry, MO

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