I would like to follow the EVdl charter on this thread to minimize political

But I do like seeing what EVs are being sold in Russia.

The URL provided shows the Russian EV dealership web site. It is
understandably in Russian, and I did not find any link on the maim page to
pages in English. So, I used a translator to view it in English

The menu on the main page covers a wide spectrum of EVs that they sell (they
are after all a business, likely wanting to tap the affluent populace in
Russia). They sell from child EVs to Tesla EVs: Leaf EVs, Zero
e-motorcycles, GEM nEVs, Polaris e-hunting buggies, e-bicycles,
e-watercraft, e-robots, plus a whole lot more including PbSO4 & Li-ion
batteries and the EVSE to charge them all.

As a cost comparison, I looked at the Tesla-S price of 3.9M rubles /
~USD$110k, but though they did mention the three different trims, I did not
see a price break down for each, so I do not know which trim that price is

I found interesting that they explain what their company will do for the
customer by showing all the effort to get it in Russia if the customer
wanted to do that part on their own to save money.

Instead I looked at the Leaf EV cost of 1.55M Russian rubles / ~USD$43.6k.
They also do not break down the cost of different Leaf EV trims.

It makes me think that this company may not have an EV inventory per se, and
are more like a broker to import EVs of nearly any kind that they can buy
outside Russia and bring in to the customer (money talks).


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